Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oven Fire

A little oven fire this evening.  Of course, when there is a fire in your house, it never seems little.  I think a taco shell cracked & fell onto the element.  Had the fire extinguisher out in about 5 seconds, pulled the tab, unclipped the hose, got ready to open the door & shoot it... then I thought "damn, I just cleaned the oven yesterday".

Don't know if you've ever needed to clean up after a fire extinguisher, but the 'dry chemical' type are a messy pain in the butt.  So I left the oven door closed and stayed ready in case the fire didn't burn out from lack of oxygen.  A nice plume of dark smoke poured out of the vent in the back element and filled the kitchen, but the flames died out fairly quickly.

Tacos are seriously flammable though!  The whole episode got my heart racing nicely, scared the dogs to death after the smoke detector went off, and made me worried for Mars.  His breathing has been acting up again for the last few days, and we're still not 100% sure on the triggers.  Leaf took the boys to play in their room while I ran the air cleaner in the kitchen.  Worked well, there isn't even a burnt popcorn smell.  Had burritos instead of tacos for dinner...

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