Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gluing Odin together again

Odin had a little boo-boo at Holly's yesterday. Fell and hit his face on ice about 5 minutes before I picked him up. A nice bump on his head, big scrape on his face, and an ugly cut on his cheek. Based on the copious blood inside and outside his mouth (which I thankfully missed), Holly thought maybe his cheek had been punctured.

Had to interrupt Leaf at yoga, we decided to take a trip to the hospital. He took the whole thing rather well.  A little compulsory screaming when the Doctor wanted to look inside his mouth - which worked well for looking inside!  She didn't think it was a hole, just impact damage of cheek to tooth on the inside, and the cut on the outside.

After a quick clean, she crazy glued the cut on his cheek and stuck on a little bandage.  Ah, the wonders of crazy glue.  I've always found it pretty useless for anything except gluing skin together - in my case, usually unintentionally.  Odin should heal up pretty quick.

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