Monday, November 1, 2010

Hallowe'en Pumpkins '10


So carving pumpkins early enough so Leaf could take one to school resulted in a nasty mouldy inside by the time Hallowe'en rolled around.  Yuck, since I had to reach in to set up the light.  Another slow night at the door, we left a bowl of candy out, but all 5 of our visitors arrived within two minutes as we were loading the boys into the van.  Mars as the Ninja Turtle that didn't fly last year, and Odin as Spiderman.  Odin had great fun 'scaring' me with the spiderman mask on, then pulling it off to my 'relief'.  Again, and again and again.  We took them to a local community center that had a haunted house set up and car trunk trick-or-treat.  Wasn't very busy - I think it is the first year its been tried - but a good idea.  So few houses were 'lit' both on our way there and on our street.  Our street is understandable, not many kids but lots of seniors.

Funniest Mars moment: he's rushing down the gravel driveway after a score when he trips and falls hard, spilling candy everywhere. My first thought is skinned palms and he says "Don't worry guys... the candy is OK"!

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