Saturday, February 9, 2013

The joy of childhood.

A big snowfall yesterday.  Went out to shovel this morning, about 30 cm.  The boys came out to 'help'.  While I did the driveway, Odin shovelled a path.  Not the path, a path.  Down the steps, 15 feet into the front lawn, a sharp right down through the rock garden, perpendicularly crossing the driveway, a wide loop through the septic field meandering back to the driveway before heading to the top of the biggest pile of snow that I had just shovelled.  When it was Mars' turn with the shovel, Odin continued his path with the snow scraper from the van, going up and over the mound of mulch, then spiralled to the top of the second biggest pile of snow I had shovelled.

He got an extra treat for being so helpful.