Monday, June 27, 2011

Leaf won an Ipod Touch

I was so excited. Then it turned out to be a 3rd generation, and didn't have the camera. Marginally less excited, but still a great win. Then I installed iTunes... I am definitely not an apple fanboy. Its a neat gadget for sure, but I don't think it will get as much use as it would have with the camera. The boys were thrilled that they could play games on it. ITunes is not user friendly.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Winning Father's Day Contest Entry

"We love our Dad all the way to the stars and back. He does lots of interesting things with us. He takes us fishing and brings us kayaking down the York. He also buys us lots of Lego and builds us a new castle, spaceship, or robot almost every night. My Mom doesn’t think that we need a Lego room but we agree with Dad on this one. We laugh and laugh while Dad body slams us onto the bed and wrestles with us on the floor. We run when he’s pretending to be a monster and when he says, “Oy, go to bed!” My Dad is so cool because he plays with us all the time."

Leaf entered the local radio station Father's Day contest & won. A weekend cottage rental, a cordless dremel/drill set, a DQ cake, and 100 gallons of water.

Yes, 100 gallons of water is a little strange to win in a contest.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I won the 2011 Hockey Pool

I picked a good team this year.  Every player survived the first round - a first for me, and every player had a point - also a first.  Correctly picking 3 or 4 conference finalist teams was the difference.  A come from behind win, I didn't actually move into first place until the second game of the final round.  My Boston picks butt kicking of Vancouver meant I ended up winning by 20 points.

I also correctly predicted riots in Vancouver.  Sad to see too many hooligans drinking alcohol and not smoking pot and chilling like they are supposed to in Van.