Saturday, September 29, 2012

How to find FREE Pumpkin Stencils/Patterns

Halloween must be coming.  My visitor count is spiking.  Free Pumpkin Stencils/Patterns, Tinkerbell Pumpkin Stencil/Pattern, Transformers Pumpkin Stencil/Pattern, Scooby-doo Pumpkin Stencil/Pattern, (and variations in the wordings of those) are the most common incoming searches to my blog.

Its funny, because searching for free pumpkin stencils on the internet gets you free* pumpkin stencils or crappy pumpkin stencils (* crappy pumpkin stencils are free, but the one you want costs $3.95).

Order me for $3.95
free tinkerbell pumpkin stencil pattern carving
Free on the internet (with free instructions too!)
Do these Tinkerbell pumpkin carvings look similar?  Both come up when you search google for "Tinkerbell Pumpkin Stencil".  One costs $3.95, one is free (with no asterisk).

Look familiar?
Finding FREE PUMPKIN PATTERNS is easy.  Search google for
"tinkerbell colouring pages" (note the 2nd result!!),
"transformers colouring pages"
"Scooby-doo colouring pages"
"Batman colouring pages"

You can find just about any themed pumpkin stencil you want by substituting "Pumpkin pattern" with "Colouring page" and doing a google image search.  Most of my pumpkin carvings have been done doing just that.

Instructions for Skin Carving a Pumpkin (with Tinkerbell example)
Pumpkins 2012: Master Yoda Pumpkin, Cookie Monster Pumpkin
Pumpkins 2011: Batman Pumpkin, Batman Logo Pumpkin

Pumpkins 2010: Tinkerbell Pumpkin, Transformers Pumpkin with Autobot and Decepticon logos
Pumpkins 2009: Scooby Doo and Shaggy Pumpkin, Mystery Machine Pumpkin, Yoda Pumpkin, Boba Fett Pumpkin
Pumpkins 2008: Ernie and Bert Pumpkin, Soccer Ball Pumpkin
Pumpkins 2007: Calvin and Hobbes Pumpkin, Spiderman Pumpkin, Toronto FC Pumpkin
Pumpkins 2006: Darth Vader Pumpkin, Homer Simpson Pumpkin 

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