Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hallowe'en Pumpkins '12

Rough version of Master Yoda pumpkin pattern
stencil pattern
Master Yoda Pumpkin
I want to do a Yoda Pumpkin this year.  Had a hard time finding a stencil because my usual trick - "yoda colouring pages" didn't give me exactly what I wanted.  Changed it to "Master Yoda colouring pages" and narrowed down by selecting black and white and line drawings.  Found a fairly simple one on the first page of results.

Played around with MS Paint this time (normally I don't) to help visualize the final result.  I'll tape the black and white stencil to do the initial carving and use this as a reference.  Orange is pumpkin skin, yellow is carved pumpkin skin, and white is carved completely through.

The fine lines on his face and hands are going to be tricky, they will be easy to mess up or split off, but I think the final product will be awesome. I'm also going to try a trick with the lightsaber - I have a toy light up one that I want to insert into the pumpkin for an extra cool effect.

A few less wrinkles for simplicity - this is the 700 year old Yoda - and some awkward transitions from positive to negative space, but I think the final result looks pretty awesome!

Not sure what 2nd pumpkin will be.  No help from kids with ideas.  Mars says I should make a "pile of poo" pumpkin and Odin maniacally giggles at that.

2nd Pumpkin is Cookie Monster.  Used my usual pattern/stencil finding trick: "Cookie Monster colouring pages." A fairly simple stencil, just skin carved where the pattern is white taking care not to accidentally break off the chocolate chips.

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