Friday, February 12, 2010

I call Bulls*t on the Olympic opening ceremonies

The Olympic hype (more acurately BS) has arrived in a big steaming pile.  I just read on the web page of the Toronto Star that "3.5 billion people watched the opening ceremonies".  More than 50% of the entire planet watched?  What a load of crap reported as fact.  I guess whoever made up these television numbers was the same person who said the games would turn a profit!

A very interesting article on "Lies, damned lies and TV viewing statistics".   Some info on the "informed guesswork" that goes into the lies that are worldwide television audiences.  Torino 2006 opening ceremony claimed 2 billion viewers, only 98 million verifiable.   Happy to see that Superbowl numbers equally BS, and that World Cup, though also throwing around inflated numbers, had, BY FAR, the highest verifiable numbers.


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