Monday, August 3, 2009

I hate people

To be more precise, I guess I should say I hate ignorant people, but it sometimes seems like more and more people deserve that adjective. Admittedly, I've been grumpy this weekend. I'm an introvert, not an extrovert. The best description I've ever heard explaining the difference says that people are like batteries. They get run down. Extroverts get recharged by being around other people, introverts get recharged by being by themselves.

Needless to say, Leaf's annual family reunion at a campground is not recharging for me. I come back needing a vacation from the vacation. Seriously though, if I offered to rent out a tiny patch of ground with no electricity, running water, or plumbing in an overcrowded shanty town in a third world country for $30 a night, I wouldn't get many takers. But if I throw in a few trees, name my third world country 'Muskoka' and call my shantytown a 'campground', people would be making reservations a year in advance.

Campgrounds attract a lot of ignorant people. If you need to be told that sleeping families with children don't appreciate drunken shouting from 15 feet away lasting until 3:00 am, you are pretty ignorant. If such drunken shouting is mainly stories about drinking or being drunk in the past, present or future, sprinkled profusely with racist, sexist and homophobic comments, and one word out of every four is 'fuck/fucker/fucking', you have issues. If I ran the world, which sadly I don't, those type of ignorant people would be permanently sterilized for the good of the gene pool.

Ignorant people also blast their crappy music over the radio or stereo so that everyone within 50m can be disturbed by it. Maybe sterilization is severe for that one. But a few days locked in a room with 10,000 watts of stereo and the complete discography of William Shatner on shuffle play non-stop would cure that ignorance.

Let us not forget the ATV riders. Not just ignorant, but mostly fat. Sorry, I guess that is rude. Ignorant and gravitationally challenged. Smelly, loud, and dangerous. The ATVs are too. Used to be the rule at the 'campground' that ATVs were not permitted. Now, they can be used, but "only to get from site to site". I guess walking 100 metres is too taxing when you desperately want a $3 scoop of ice cream at the camp store. Sterilized to prevent spread of the LAZY gene.

Also, if you are stupid enough to shoot fireworks across other campsites, or throw them into a fire so you have no idea where they will go, then threaten to fight the guy who tells you not to... Lets just say sterilization is not drastic enough.

Cigarette smokers, the most ignorant of all people, deserve a post of their very own. I'll just say how sad I am that cigarettes don't kill faster.

Mars at least had a good weekend. Odin probably did too. Lack of sleep and long car drives have made them both cranky and screamy enough that I'm considering sterilizing myself.

Mars chilling in the ubiquitous camp chair.

Daddy and Mars getting ready for the 3-legged race.

BTW, none of Leaf's family had sterilization wished upon them this weekend...

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