Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Adventures in Pottysitting - Episode Two - The Invisible Man

After that first successful trip, we had relapse. Mars would not go to the potty. Do you need to go to the potty? "No". End of discussion as far as he was concerned. I thought I had a breakthrough a few times when he would say "I want to go potty!", and I'd rush him over and start on the diaper and he'd throw a fit. Turns out he was really saying "I want to go party!" and it sounded the same to me. He had been to a birthday party and received cake, so he wanted to go back again.

We started to watch him closer to try and pick up the potty time cues so we could encourage him to use the potty when he needed to go. Always a step ahead of us, he'd turn into the invisible man. We'd be doing whatever and then suddenly notice he was gone. Hiding in the closet, in a cupboard, behind the chair, behind a curtain. "Hey Mars, do you need to go potty?" "NO!" Hard to believe that when he's squatting, grunting, and very, very smelly. A small measure of success, because after he was done in his diaper, he'd say "I need to go potty!"

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