Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adventures in Pottysitting - Episode Three - The Streaker

We were missing a lot of potty action due to the diaper delay. Well, mostly Mars delaying long enough that the pause to remove diaper rendered the debate moot. It's been a while since I pooed my pants... does it feel all nice and warm and comforting? Because he still prefers dropping a smelly load in his diaper to sitting on the potty.

We tried diaperless and it seemed to work reasonably well. Particularly for pees. It also had some drawbacks. Particularly for pees. The poop problems are contained in a small area. Pee mistakes spray droplets everywhere. A few times I was reminded of my childhood dog, Farley. Farley liked to mark every upright object when taken for a walk. He produced copious amounts of urine and often forgot to shut the flow off between targets. His package would swing back and forth, the droplets of pee would swing back and forth too. You could look back down the sidewalk and see a big sine wave of wet pavement.

We did get a pretty good success rate with Mars' peeing though. Nine times out of ten in the potty. Night times usually in the diaper, a few times on the carpet or on the chair. He's become quite fond of running around bareass and resists having a diaper put back on.

Mars passed out after a hard day of rollerskating bare bum. For some reason it makes me think of the Simpsons. Is there an episode where Homer rollerskates around with no pants on? I can almost picture it in my head, right down to the "woohoo!".

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