Thursday, May 20, 2010

Toothbrushes for the Apocalypse

We have them.  Oodles of them.  Leaf buys a bunch every time they go on sale.  Based on the recommended rate you change your toothbrush (every three months), we have years and years worth.  However, based on the rate they were changed by my mother when I was a kid they would last forever and be handed down to my great grand-kids.  Once my mum read or heard that you should disinfect your toothbrushes to prevent spread of cold/flu.  My toothbrush tasted (rather nastily) of bleach for years.

Toothbrushes are starting to get stupid expensive (hence stocking up on sale).  Do I really need an "ergonomic", "triple action",  "advanced bristle design" toothbrush to "gently hug my mouth" in "four exciting colours"?  I don't really want anyone or anything hugging my mouth.  Don't even get me started on battery powered ones (which don't work any better). Sure a regular toothbrush is more convenient and less messy than my finger or a damp cloth, but not worth 5 bucks a pop.  You know they are ridiculously overpriced when you start getting counterfeit toothbrushes.

"Counterfeit" consumer products always give me the giggles.  Generally, they are the exact same, produced at the exact same factory in China, but cost only a quarter of the "name brand" version.  Ridiculous profits or ridiculous advertising costs bump up the price, take your pick.  I love the variety of tactics used to try and convince people not to buy 'counterfeits'. 

From the real and actual counterfeit toothbrush advisory issued by Health Canada - "Health Canada has received one incident report of the bristles... ...becoming dislodged and caught in the user's throat. The individual did not require medical care."  Well thank Jebus that one person managed to clear that bristle without a trip to the emergency room.  Lucky two hacks spit it up... three would have meant a national inquest.  Seriously though, what kind of person calls the federal government because a toothbrush bristle falls off the toothbrush?

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