Monday, May 10, 2010

New Kayak!

Picked up a new kayak today, found on kijiji.  A Clearwater Design Nunavut tandem.  Tandems are pretty hard to find, so cost a little more than we really wanted to spend, but it is in great shape & hasn't seen much use.  Its big (16' - no paddling up the creek with this beastie) and stable.  Mars is getting too big to ride in the stern compartment of my Boreal Design Ookpik single!  I figure both boys could ride along with me when they get bigger.  Going to sell Leaf's boat, a Boreal Design Kasko.  First dibs actually goes to the guy I bought the Nunavut from - they want something smaller- but if anyone is interested...  We had only managed to get out together a few times because of the two toddler logistic issues.  Keeping the Ookpik for when I go out myself, the new tandem means Leaf and I can go out in the same boat or all four of us in two kayaks.

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