Friday, May 7, 2010

My (Agent) Orange Thumb

I like growing things.  Its not necessarily that I'm bad at it, though I do tend to be neglectful or forgetful.  There had been a good stretch of years with success with houseplants.  Not this winter though...  Our houseplant collection took a pretty serious beating.  The spider plant might recover... again... when we were given it a few years ago, it was set down in a snowbank while unloading kids and luggage from the minivan and forgotten outside overnight .  I'm most disappointed with the loss of the orange tree (top left).  I received three seedlings from a friend a number of years ago.  This one was a runt (its seedmates are over two feet tall now) after recovering from a few near death experiences in the past, but I'm afraid its a goner now.  I even managed to kill a jade plant.  Amazing, since they are pretty hard to kill on purpose.  A bunch of the remaining houseplants are looking a little rough, but have survived.  My beloved Mystery Citrus tree is doing well.  It is over five feet high now and didn't lose as many leaves as usual over the winter.  I think it enjoyed spending last summer outside in a plastic greenhouse.

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