Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stop or Disable the Google Fade in

If you use google, you've probably noticed the extremely irritating fade in of their home page. 

If I wanted to wait for something to be displayed on a web page, I'd go back to dial-up.

There are several fixes available for Firefox.  If you use Explorer, you must first get a real browser.

I used Greasemonkey, a Firefox Add-on.  It allows you to customize how webpages display using javascript.  You download user written scripts - such as the one to stop the google fade in.   Loads of other scripts available, including ones that automatically delete ads, enable you to download youtube videos, or "enhance" various popular web pages - usually by deleting ads and unimportant crap.  If you're into stupid facebook games, there are also loads of autoplay scripts.  An interesting side note, two of the top four facebook scripts are to find out who 'unfriended' you.  Which, to me, says a lot about how stupid facebook has become.

Other option is an add-on called "No Fade In Google".  I haven't tried it since I like that  Greasemonkey is multi-function, but it would be a quicker and easier solution.

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