Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The first Robin of spring

In like a lion and out like a lamb.  We had snow yesterday after a week of warming weather, but back to warm this week.  Unshaded snow is all gone, but the river is only up to three steps so far.  I'm sure it will go up when all the shaded snow melts, but right now it is at least six feet lower than the last two years.  I think in large part due to having less snow this year.

Mars spotted a Robin this morning.  Very exciting, the first time we've seen him this year.  I would guess one from the pair that make our yard home each year.  Two years ago they nested in the cedar right beside the front door, last year somewhere down by the creek.  He's been running around the disaster that is our lawn looking for grubs and worms.

I put out and filled up the feeders last week.  We have one full of sunflower seeds suction cupped to the window, a nyjer seed feeder close to the window, and a regular bird seed feeder that I moved to the edge of the deck this year.  Also a suet feeder for the occasional visit from our neighbourhood downy and hairy woodpeckers.  We've left a number of snags on the property that the woodpeckers prefer, but unfortunately not as easy to see them.

Until the Robin, we've only had the local chickadees.  They overwinter, but I don't leave seed out, so they tend to drift down to the creek or across the river.  I expect our Purple Finches will show up soon.  A Northern Flicker also calls the back yard part of his range.  Common Redpolls, Sparrows (my mum can tell the different kinds apart - I can't), Pine Siskins, Yellow Warblers, Ruby Throated Hummingbirds, Blue Jays, Dark Eyed Juncos, and Crows commonly visit the yard or feeders.  Three years ago we had a Great Blue Heron living in the creek, he's since moved down the river about 500 metres.

I keep meaning to build a duck box to entice some ducks to stick around the creek for more than a few days.  I always think about it in the spring, but it would need to be placed in the fall when the water is low enough.  Keep hoping to see some cooler migratory birds.  We used to get Rose Breasted and Evening Grosbeaks at our old house, but none so far here.  Hopefully this year.

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