Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Normally I like nipples

It has become obvious that the plumbing gods still hate me.  I must admit I'm not such a big fan of them at the moment.  We've been having water problems.  Air and gunk out of pipes rather than water.  It's an ancient system running off an ancient piston pump.

The problem, I have discovered, is that any repair of the system either causes or reveals another issue.  Fixing the 2nd issue then causes or reveals another one.

The first issue was the check valve.  It is there to prevent water flowing out of the system and back down the well.  Ear on pipe I could hear water gurgling back through after the pump had stopped cycling.  Made a list (it helps a bunch to have part numbers before heading to the hardware store) checked it twice, went shopping.

Delayed the repair for 2 days.  It was new years eve, store would close in 4 hours.  I was fully confident I could replace the check valve but if (when) there were followup problems, we'd be without water until the 2nd.

Valve and come other fittings changed out with mostly no problem.  Distracted by the boys wanting to help and nearly forgot to solder one joint.  Nice photo of the gunked up valve, no wonder it wasn't working.  Everything back together and running.  Except the toilet.  Which won't fill.  Back to the hardware store, a new gasket for the ball cock mechanism.  Also decided to get a new pressure gauge, from the top it looked like it was 'starting' to rust.

Drain system, pressure gauge reads 0, remove pressure gauge.  As the last thread spins out, litres upon litres of nasty brown water sprays 6 feet high out of the opening.  I get soaked before managing to invert a bucket over it.  Turns out pressure gauge was not 'starting' rust but well and truly pooched.

Toilet next.  Replace gasket, clean mechanism.  Put all back together.  Problem changes from toilet won't fill to toilet won't stop filling.

Now a problem with the pressure switch.

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