Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It fell in my nose, Daddy

We had the object-up-the-nose experience yesterday.  Just before nap time, Mars started complaining that his nose hurt.  A series of questions determined that it hurt inside, not outside, and that there was something green in there.  What is green and up your nose?  I obviously figured booger, but Mars said it was a piece of green flower (or "flour" - our homemade playdough?) that he had picked up off the floor.  After that point, it apparently "fell" up his nose.

Managed to get a look up his nose, with the help of a flashlight I could see there was definitely a 4-5mm green object way up there.  I plugged the other nostril with my thumb and got him to blow out - lots of snot, but no movement.  A couple of sneezes also no effect.  Plugged opposite side again and gently blew into his mouth.  Still nothing.  I wondered about tweezers, but it was pretty far up and I couldn't see him holding still even if I managed to get near it.

He was complaining of pain whenever I touched his nose, and started resisting my requests that he blow out while I blocked the other side with my thumb.  Even my suggestion that he should try and blow snot onto my hand stopped working.  Inside his nose was red and looked inflamed.  If it was a piece of flower, I wondered if a bit of stem was jamming into the side.  Whatever it was, it hadn't moved a bit after our removal efforts.

Leaf took him to the doctor.  Doctor elected to wait and see.  Getting it out would require a trip to the hospital and being strapped down.  We need to do a follow up visit to make sure all the bits come out.  During his nap, I was able to gentle press on the outside of his nose, perhaps I loosened it enough for it to come out.  When I looked today, the big object not there, but still something.   If it was a flower bud, that is gone, but maybe a piece of stem?  Either way, at least Mars is no longer complaining of pain.  Net result is that I have a cute video of him telling me what is up there and how it got there.

Followup: It did need a trip to the hospital!


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