Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm the Third Biggest Loser

A weight loss contest at the high school.  I think it is named after a TV show?  Anyway, who can lose the most weight - as a percentage of body weight, rather than total pounds.  I figured it was good motivation to cut down, particularly since the pot was $280!  I lost a little over 10 pounds over six weeks, or five and a half percent of my weight.  Good for third place... sadly no prize for third. 

It was good to have the support of my kids.  Mars: "Daddy, I want you to lie down in my bed with me.  But first you have to move Odin so you have room because you are so fat."

Turns out Leaf was the "Biggest Loser"!  She only lost half a pound more than me, and because it was by percentage (over 8%), she placed first - even though the second place person lost more weight.  Cha-ching - $280!  Not bad for six weeks of dieting.  We went out for a very fattening fish and chips dinner.  No special plans yet on what she'll spend the money on.

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