Friday, April 9, 2010

Google map update!

One of the things with living in the boonies is that you don't get the nifty high resolution imagery google maps that you do in the city.  It used to be particularly bad here.  The location of our house was shown as a giant and non-existent lake.  Obscuring clouds and some pretty crappy resolution.  You could zoom in further, but only get some big blurry pixelization.  The red box on the old map is the approximate location of the new highest resolution image below.

Within the last few months, some new updated imagery came on line.  Still nowhere near the quality of city maps (did you know the super high resolution maps are not from a satellite but from aircraft?), but much better than before.  Actual streets and many buildings are, for the most part, visible.  There is a lighter coloured blur that is probably our house.  We are also no longer shown under a lake.

We are also now partially covered by Street View.  Main street and highways only, but a glimpse of our house can be caught through some trees.  That imagery is from late August.

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