Monday, April 12, 2010

Don't starve Pac-Man, Don't feed Pac-Man, Don't set your child on Fire.

Stuff from China always seems to have translation problems, very often funny ones.  I can't decide if they are a result of mistranslation by an eager but inept Chinese ESL student, or a drunken Australian backpacker/consultant who tries hard to make everything as funny as possible.   I once had a knife 'made in China' with the warning "Keep Out of Children".

The solution to language barriers are symbols.  There are many fairly universal symbols - the washroom man and woman, the circle with a diagonal line meaning don't do, the blue wheelchair, the skull and crossbones for hazardous...  Leaf was at the dollar store the other day and picked up a toy fishing rod that magnetically catches little fish.  Mars and Odin both love magnetic fishing at fun fairs.  The package had some crazy safety symbols on the back.

I'm sure they made complete sense the the person who designed them...  From left to right, Do not starve Pac-Man, Do not feed Pac-Man, Do not set your child on Fire.

Or maybe it is supposed to be Do Not Eat Pac-Man on a Plate, Do Not Shoot an Arrow into your Kids Eye while Cramming a Box down their Throat because they will Cry, Do not let your kid grow up to be Don King.


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