Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yet more Lego!

So a follow up from my greatest yard sale find ever. Saw a yard sale ad in the local paper that mentioned "lego castle", checked the address and discovered it was the same place as my big lego score at the beginning of the summer. A priority yard sale stop again, except we were away for the weekend visiting Leaf's family. Some google-fu, tracked down and email address, happy to find out the lego hadn't sold, made the trip out to buy it.

This time he wasn't getting rid of loose lego, but the castle and keep he had built from scratch. The castle is huge - probably more than 3 feet tall, and absolutely brilliantly made. Plus it has a little village 'keep' around it. Did I mention the castle also opens up like a dollhouse? Also a big pirate ship that Mars loves and has already managed to break apart several times. Managed to add another 85 pounds of lego to the collection, and will keep the castle/keep together until kids are big enough to play with it.

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