Sunday, July 26, 2009

Greatest Yard Sale find EVER!

Leaf and I love yardsaleing. Which apparently isn't a word. We go on an outing most Saturday mornings to look for treasure. Yesterday we hit what I would consider the best yard sale ever! It had been advertised in the paper and mentioned lego, so of course I had to be there first thing. I love lego. Not as much as the young man there though! He was downsizing his collection, and he was an artist with lego. Saw some of his work, it was some of the most brilliant stuff I've ever seen - better than most official lego sets and legoland displays. He had a castle keep surrouded by houses that were spectacular. Accurate to every detail in period architecture and colours. The castle, about 3 feet high, also opened up and was fully detailed inside. I was in awe.

I wish I had been ten minutes earlier because there was a woman ahead of me filling a big box with loose lego. I had to settle for second pick, but still managed to fill a few boxes of my own. An incredible selection of pieces of every kind. Turns out she had scooped most of the 'basic' building blocks, so I got mostly good stuff that is harder to find. Space pieces, castle pieces, boards, minifigs... A big microwave box full, a medium tupperware box full, and a lego box full. Weighed it when we got home. Eighty-seven pounds of lego!!! I basically doubled my lego collection in one fell swoop.

If you've ever bought lego, you'll know why that's is my best yardsale find of all time.  A real treasure that I'll keep until I have grandkids to play with it. A somewhat deceptive photo of Odin sitting on the pile - he's actually about 18 inches off the ground. I sorted through it last night until my eyes blurred, reveling in that soft clinky sound of lego being stirred up. It will be a few years until Mars is big enough to play with it. Luckily, it turns out James, our current foster kid, is also a lego lover. So I have an excuse to play lego!

Lego aside, it was also a great yard sale for toys. Mars loves Star Wars - a post for another day - but I had been looking for some Star Wars toys for a while. Again, I was ten minutes late, there was a guy there with his grandson who scored a box of Star Wars action figures, but I still managed to get a dozen leftover ones, a landspeeder, y-wing bomber, imperial shuttle, the Slave 1, and a pair of lightsabres.

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