Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I hate you British Columbia

Voting in this federal election was a conundrum for me.  I actually went into the booth, ballot in hand, undecided.  I had been hoping for a Rhinoceros Party candidate because I think it is high time to repeal the Law of Gravity.  In the end, I asked Mars which circle he liked, I marked it, I let Odin put it in the ballot box. 

There really should be a "None of the above" option on our ballots.  I thought about writing it in, a la Brewster's Millions.  I couldn't refuse a ballot in a form of protest.  I wondered about eating it, but didn't want to get charged. 

I'm pretty middle of the road according to Vote Compass.  I'm a swing voter, I've voted for just about every party but the Bloc at least once.    My problem is that I really do support none of the above.  Stephen Harper scares me.  Its not just the Lego hair worse than Kerry Fraser.  Attitude?  Policy?  Hidden agenda?  I don't actually believe in Democracy as a system of government.  I support Benevolent Dictatorship - the key word being benevolent, which I don't think Harper is. 

Strategic voting is pointless in my rural Ontario riding.  Even if it weren't I couldn't hold my nose and vote Liberal either.  Their party has been a joke since Chretien.  They shot themselves in the foot with Paul Martin, reloaded, and did it twice more.  Never liked Martin being pushed on people, Dion was the wrong 'anybody but Ignatieff' leader, and Ignatieff was a back room appointee.   NDP had a few interesting policies, but I am more fiscally conservative.  Also, each time I saw a clip of Jack Layton being introduced as "the next Prime Minister of Canada", I thought "I can't support a party where they are obviously all smoking crack". 
Anyway, I hate you British Columbia.  Watched the early coverage and the prediction of a Con minority government, again...  I figured that was the best possible result.  Went on to other things. Imagine my surprise to find out a majority thanks to late reporting west coast polls.  Who would have thought a bunch of pot smoking hippie earth mothers would elect 21 conservatives for the majority.

What kills me most is that the 2% increase in popular support to 39.6% of votes leads from minority government to 54% of seats.  First past the post sucks.  I'm firmly of the opinion that Harper has been and remains the problem with the Conservative Party.  Another leader would have won this majority, and my vote, way back against Paul Martin.

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