Tuesday, July 6, 2010

24 Hours without Internet. Commence Hyperventilating...

OK, so maybe I have a slight internet addiction.  I prefer to think of it as continually accessing a needed resource.  So when the internet stopped working yesterday morning, I had issues.  I was just doing my morning check - email to see if I had responses from some kijiji inquiries, weather to see what it would be like in the city, and news/newspaper.  Nothing.  The DSL modem had died.

I tried the normal electronics voodoo.  Rebooting.  Powering off.  Unplugging.  Checking cables.  Reset button.  Combinations thereof. Unplugging cables, turning the modem counter-clockwise three times, replugging cables.  No love.  I had just a LAN light, no Power, ADSL, or Internet lights.  Crap.  Maybe it just needed rest.  We were heading to the city for the day to catch up on some shopping, so I figured I'd try again when we got back.

Its funny how much of a necessity the internet has become.  For me it is communication, news, entertainment, and information.  If the TV was out for 24 hours I wouldn't care, and if it weren't for World Cup I wouldn't notice.  No telephone for a day?  Wouldn't notice unless it also killed my DSL.  No water?  Happened before, I fixed it... with the help of the internet.  No power?  I'd probably be searching for a UPS with a big battery online as soon as power was restored.

I drove a little faster than normal on the way home.  Wanted to be back in time to put a call in to our ISP.  Managed to get thru at quarter to five - would have been quicker but I couldn't look up the number online - had to find that book thing.  The tech quickly diagnosed a faulty modem (or wanted to leave work a few minutes early?).  I was very happy to hear that I could take it somewhere local for an exchange rather than waiting 2 more days for a courier.  Turned out he was just taunting me though.  The local computer company followed typical small town procedures and had closed at 4:30.

Headed out this morning to exchange the modem.  Managed to piggyback  it with trip to the Health Unit to drop off water samples and a trip to the playground before it got too stupid hot (too late for that unfortunately), so it didn't seem too much like an internet addiction.  Ahh, the bliss of having a connection again.  Checked email, checked the news, played some chess.  Time for morning coffee.

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