Sunday, May 24, 2009

Take me out back and shoot me.

We bought a minivan. Two kids, two dogs, and a ride on lawnmower was bad enough, but now... My young life of fun is over, I'm officially old and haggard. Its a gas guzzling monstrosity - you can seriously see the needle on the fuel gauge dropping. Big difference from the super efficient turbo diesel Golf we had - less than half the mileage! Minivans kill the budget and the environment in one go.

We do need the room though. We drove the Golf down to Leaf's parents this weekend to buy the minivan. Crammed in two car seats, two dogs, plus luggage, Mars kicks the back of my seat the whole way. Drove the minivan back. Everybody and everything fits, including a whole bunch of plants and yard sale finds. Mars kicks the back of my seat the whole way. I think he had to stretch to do it though.

Sigh. I'll miss the golf. It was manual transmission and sporty seeming and had some zoom. The minivan wouldn't accelerate if you dropped it off a cliff. Anybody want to buy a Golf TDI? 1100km on a tank of diesel...

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